February 23, 2014

Welcome to my new BlogSite!

Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by my new ‘BlogSite’.  It’s a website and a blog all rolled up into one!  This should be easier for me to update now that it’s combined.  Another reason for the change:  mobile devices!  I found most of my clients were accessing my website and their galleries via a mobile device.  Switching over to a BlogSite will make the site and client galleries more accessible.

While I call these first few months of the new year my ‘slow’ time, I am actually quite busy.  Not only am I organizing my office but I am also attending education seminars and conventions.  Although it’s ‘work’, I”m having a great time and have met so many amazing new friends from all over the country!

As I clean out my files and go through my hard drives, it’s like a stroll down memory lane.  I’ve met so many wonderful clients along the way.  In addition, I come across personal projects too.  I just happened to stumble across some images of my son from three years ago….guess I never got to editing them until now.   It’s hard to believe how much he has changed in three years!  Wow!  Photography has always been a part of my life but as my children grow older, I can’t help but treasure the memories I’ve captured even more.


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